Pixelmon Andor

Welcome to Pixelmon Andor!

Hello Trainer, and welcome to the Andor Region! Our world is full of Pixelmon simply waiting to be caught, and could use a member just like you. Our community and staff team has put in a large amount of time creating an enjoyable experience for players of multiple playstyles. Whether you’re looking for a fun place to build and relax with your friends, a place to battle competitively and reach server wide recognition or an adventure spanning across multiple towns in a custom-map, Pixelmon Andor can serve your needs. Come join us today!

Custom adventure map

Our team of builders has worked to create a full-fledged Pokémon adventure right here in Minecraft! Our end-result features a series of eight NPC gyms (with respective towns), NPC’s with unique dialogue, and hidden secrets to be discovered.

Legendary Pokémon quests

After spending time exploring, players can discover quests for certain legendary Pokémon. Upon completing these, a player will have a chance to catch them!

An amazing community

What’s a server without good players to back it? Nothing! Here at Andor we do everything we can to build the best community possible. We care about our players!


Want to build your own base with some friends? No worries! With our plugins, you’ll be able to teleport far away from the spawn of the world and set up a protected base wherever you would like.

Server Events

On a regular basis, our server tries to host events to make each player’s experience more unique.

Competitive Tournaments

Do you want to be the very best? Through our competitive tournaments, you’ll be able to see who actually is the best Trainer. Upon winning, a player can gain official recognition as a Pokémon master!


Seagate Harbor – This quaint coastal town is known for its superb fishing and gleaming lighthouse.

Mike’s Manor – Long ago a wealthy scientist’s Manor in the woods burnt down. Not much is known about the cause.

Greenbulb Town – A quiet village in the middle of a flowery forest. While it looks pretty, travelling here can really mess with your allergies!

Sandy Springs – A wild western town in the middle of the desert. Most people are abandoning this place for more enjoyable settling.

Desert Ruins – These were constructed thousands of years ago by an unknown civilization. Paleontologists often find fossils in the tunnels below.


Yacht Crafter is the original creator of the server and serves as the owner. Throughout his Minecraft career, he has become an avid builder and loves to showcase his creations. Many of the towns found on the server were built by or contributed to by him. His favorite type of Pokemon is water. Don’t like that? Spheal with it.

MKXLIV1 is one of the founders of Andor and helped Yacht Crafter throughout the majority of construction of the server. His obsession with dittos is rather odd, and anything that makes you do a double-take throughout your adventure definitely had something to do with him.